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Plumbing Is a Women's Job

Barriers are only obstacles if you don't find a way around them. Master Plumber Sue Jacobs shares her story of how she does that every day.
Sharon J. Rehana, Editorial Director
PHC News
A one-woman company, S. Jacobs Plumbing serves the needs of residential, commercial and industrial customers in Norwood, Massachusetts.
Owner Sue Jacobs worked for her father's plumbing business while attending high school, and at the same time earning both her Journeyman and Ma. License in night school. Now, with more than 30 years of experience, she is the only woman in a fifth generation family of Master Plumbers since 1895.
"I have experience with plumbing, heating, gasfitting, accounts receivable and payable, and marketing. I opened my own business in 2015 and enjoy every day of work," Jacobs says.
Her journey into the world of plumbing wasn't without challenges. "My father did not think that women could do plumbing," Jacobs recalls. "I do have limitations as far as lifting heavy objects, but I always figure a way to get the job done."
Jacobs didn't let naysayers stand in her way. "I really didn't even think about it," she says. "I went back into plumbing in my 20's and it was just a natural instinctive decision. I love plumbing. Period."
Jacobs is a member of both PHCC of Massachusetts and PHCC National. When she's not taking on 5-10 daily scheduled plumbing and heating service jobs, she fundraises for Norwood Food Pantry, Norwood Football and Norwood NPA-TV.
She, and two other women plumbers from the Boston area, recently took on a new endeavor called "Ms. Fix It" Workshops. With the backing of PHCC National and PHCC of MA, the goal of the workshops is to educate young girls and boys about the industry and hopefully fill in the skilled worker gap.